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Fishing Rods Pregio Throne Live Bait 21-0250 (NEW)

Fishing Rods Pregio Throne Live Bait 21-0250 (NEW)



Fishing Rods Pregio

Throne Live Bait (21-0250)

Throne Live Bait

Throne! The new series at the top of the Pregio categories. Without any compromise in quality and durability, this new series is a milestone! Top quality parts and blank construction materials, complete a rod that will serve you for a long time, with the same efficiency! The Throne Live Bait series is designed to achieve the impossible! To have unparalleled sensitivity and to transfer all the reactions of the live bait, to our hand in real time, in order to prepare for setting the hook, while at the same time it is very strong and can face any challenge. The net lock at the base, zeroes the relaxation of the reel during fishing and the minimum weight and unlimited durability of these rods, will excite you from the first strike! The series has a model with a minimized butt and without a trigger, ideal for boats with limited space but also for those who do not like the feeling of a trigger in their hands.

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1,95 2 1,31 73 cm 280 90-250
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