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Fishing Rods Pregio Throne Inchiku 20-0221

Fishing Rods Pregio Throne Inchiku 20-0221


Brand: Pregio

Fishing Rods Pregio

Throne Inchiku (20-0221)

Throne inchiku – Jigging

Throne! The new series at the top of the Pregio categories. Without any compromise in quality and durability, this new series is a milestone! Top quality parts and blank construction materials, complete a rod that will serve you for a long time, with the same efficiency! The Throne Inchiku - Jigging series is designed based on the modern Japanese philosophy for these techniques, with rods that have a very linear bending behavior to give natural movement to the metal baits and not to bring to the limit our knots. The series Throne Inchiku - Jigging is particularly effective in the use of silicone lures in vertical fishing! The minimal weight and unlimited durability of these rods will excite you from the first crank!

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