Payment methods :


-by depositing cash in the following banks :


NBG : IBAN : GR9501108400000084044027153/ SWIFT/BIC : ETHNGRAA

Alpha Bank : IBAN : GR6201407180718002330001242/ SWIFT/BIC : CRBAGRAA

Piraeus Bank : IBAN : GR8301718670006867124597752/ SWIFT/ BIC : PIRBGRAA

Eurobank : IBAN : GR2102603500000440200515978/ SWIFT/ BIC :ERBKGRAA


-by courier

Hellenic Post door-to-door & GT eshops


Refund Policy


If you wish to  return the product because you did not like it or just because you have changed your mind, you can return it by providing it in its original packaging and the shipping costs will be borne by you. Changes are only accepted by proof of purchase always accompanying the goods and within 30 days of their purchase date.

If the product is defective or our company is responsible for a mistake  then shipping costs are borne to our company. In any case, our company must be notified within 30 days of the purchase date.

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