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Pregio enters the e-market with a variety of new products. Pregio’s products have to meet the highest quality standards, with the hippocampus emblem tagged in order to ensure the authenticity. The hippocampus emblem was not chosen by chance, as it is a unique fish with a combination of many characteristics: horse head, monkey tail, kangaroo march, independent moving eyes such as the lizard and seabed changes color like the chameleon!
Pregio, is a world famous company, which combines a bunch of features: high quality construction, affordable prices, service and spare parts support, a wide range of products to satisfy even the most demanding fisherman!
So his choice was not just random!


Products PREGIO with emblem the Hippocampus as a mark of authenticity. The most exciting sea “fish” combines 4 unique features:

  • «Reliability» (horse head )
  •  «Force» (kangaroo pouch)
  •  «Flexibility» (monkey tail)
  •  «Adaptability» (lizard eyes)


Best regards,
Smaro Kalaitzi SA

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